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Charlotte Bobcats vs Atlanta Hawks diss rap

Today, Ben forays into rap fiction. As opposed to all our other raps, which are strictly peer-reviewed fact-based journals.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports


A week or two ago I was lost in the ATL
In Five Points around midnight at the gate of Hell

Next thing I know, the evil's staring right back at me
Dennis Schroder's fist's coming straight up past my knees

I doubled over in pain and stumbled into the street
Kyle Korver tried to stop me but you ever seen him set a screen?
Can barely stay on his feet, dude couldn't even block a tweet
Elton Brand gave chase but he's so old he dissolved to dust on the concrete

I ran around the corner hoping to find someone in sight
The Hawks were at home but c'mon, you know no one's inside

Philips is empty cuz if you wanted to watch something awful and be bored
You could at least save money by just going on a CNN Studio Tour

(Note: Dac did not get his verse to me at the time of this posting. I will update if he sends anything.)