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Charlotte Bobcats vs Boston Celtics diss rap

Jared Wickerham


Doc and superstars gone, it's no longer yo era
The Bobcats are gonna burn you so bad you'll need aloe vera

Turnovers, fouls - Kelly Olynyk has got you sick
Seen his summer league footage but now all his threes are bricks

Old-ass Bogans and Wallace on your squad, why?
I guess you can't tank better than aging Bobcats from '05

You might be on a safari for Jabari
But for now we're gonna make you cry in your calamari

You're gonna be our chowder, ya cowards, won't be no doubt
First we're shipping up to Boston, and then we're shitting you out

Whoops! I mixed up my Dannys (Ainge/Ferry) in a now-deleted rhyme


Your team's flat out not good, stop calling people haters
Your GM decided your fate, stop calling your old players "#traders"

Your Boston 3 party was fun, but now it's Rondo's alone to handle
Your team is too mediocre to draft Wiggins, Parker, Randle

Jeff Green and Courtney Lee always chuckin' threes
Your best player might be a grown man who calls himself "Steez"

Much respect to Steezus though, but the Cats going Kamikaze
Nothing yells mediocre more than starting Vitor Faverani

Franchise is one of the best, opposite of where your fans rank
But it's hard to respect a team that literally can't tank

With those big men? Have fun scoring at the rim
Your team has less of a chance than Kris Humphries did with Kim