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Charlotte Bobcats at Boston Celtics game preview

The now (almost) fully healthy Charlotte Bobcats travel to Boston to take on the rejuvenated Celtics

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics were supposed to be bad this season. Everybody expected them to be bad this season. Apparently the Celtics think otherwise as they're in the middle of a winning streak. Boston has been putting it together lately with Jordan Crawford of all people, being the catalyst. Crawford has been doing all kinds of good things for the Celtics whether passing, shooting, or wait, did I just say passing? Yes, it's true.

The Bobcats have some questions that need answers. Yes, Al Jefferson has played against two very good defensive centers in the two games he's actually played. Yes, Al Jefferson was coming off an ankle injury, and yes this is a very small Al Jefferson sample size. But he is shooting 38.5 percent at the rim. That is atrocious for a player that many consider a top 5 offensive center. Luckily for the Bobcats, the front line of the Celtics consists of Jared Sullinger, Brandon Bass and Kelly Olynyk. This should be a good bounce back game for Jefferson to abuse a young frontline that isn't very good defensively. If he doesn't at least have an okay game, we might want to start having some concerns.

Michael Kidd-Gilchirst has had a fantastic few games where he's been attacking the rim, playing some fantastic man defense. Even his jumpshot hasn't looked too bad. Well actually it's looked horrible but it's going in and that's what counts! As a result you want to be watching MKG and Jordan Crawford tonight. Both players are the keys to the good play we've seen from them as of late.