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Charlotte Bobcats at Cleveland Cavaliers game preview

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Gametime: 7:30 p.m. EST

From my understanding, Cleveland's fanbase has begun to split after their slow 3-6 start. Expectations and optimism ran high before the season with exciting new pieces added to a young team with top pick Anthony Bennett, and solid free agents in Andrew Bynum and Jarrett Jack. But the team has been slow out of the gate, causing their fans to halve between optimists and those who are panicking.

Anthony Bennett has had a rough time adjusting to the NBA coming off his shoulder surgery and recovery from the offseason. He appears in poor conditioning, which is something that should improve. Still, his shooting has been abysmal, making 4 of his 32 field goal attempts on the season, including 1-for-12 on threes. His current PER is 0.3. Maybe this will just turn into a fun fact people can look back at and laugh about, but for now some Cavs fans are quite worried.

Mike Brown has had a lot of difficulty getting the team to jell on offense, making for one of the worst offensive teams in the league at this point. Like the Bobcats, they haven't been getting many assists and are relying on players to create their own offense. The Cavs lead the league in what percentage of their points come from midrange shots, which, when combined with how many of their offensive possessions are unassisted, indicates poor ball movement and a lethargic offense that must put up contested long twos, an inefficient shot choice.

As such, the Cavaliers' guards are really struggling on the offensive end, even star Kyrie Irving. The guard trio of Irving, Jack and Dion Waiters barely have more points that field goal attempts and all are shooting below 40 percent.

Of course, the Bobcats haven't been such offensive mavens, either, but last time they were able to jump out to a fast start getting through Cleveland's interior defense and into the paint. As always, they'll have to keep an eye on CJ Miles, who seems to consistently drop bombs on the Bobcats each time they play.