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Charlotte Bobcats vs Cleveland Cavaliers diss rap, pt 2

Curtis Wilson-USA TODAY Sports


Buggin' out, 3-and-6 got you apoplectic thinkin apocalyptic
Morphine's addictive but go watch the Cavs and leave with a prescription
Fans are shocked like Jarrett Jack's bricks couldn't be predicted
Open up Cavs.exe and you can see the writing was in the file, unencrypted

It's like a gun to your own foot, giving the ball to Anthony Bennett
But then he'd have to make a shot for once - he has a better chance of getting pregnant

Fool you once, shame on him. Fool you twice, shame on you
You hired Mike Brown again and your offense looks like crap stew

He's got Kyrie Irving but Mike's letting Jarrett Jack get profuse on long twos
No wonder the team isn't making the jump you hoped for like amputee kangaroos