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Charlotte Bobcats vs Miami Heat diss rap

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE


The Heat freakin' stink
Sometimes their jerseys are pink

If I gotta think, Wade is my least favorite guy
Even though I hate them, I hope the Heat don't die

Because that would be mean
I don't like the team

But LeBron is cool, he rides bikes and people chase him
But I'm a Bobcats type guy; Bismack will erase him

Face to face make him hate the red and black
The Bobcats gonna be the Hornets but we'll still bite and smack

Any one of the haters, wow, cool, you got a beach
I got a LeBron jersey, I'm gonna dip it in bleach

Erik Spoelstra I'll impeach and then see ya later
Bobcats winning the East, who cares about the haters

Yeah I drink alcohol yeah I'm really rad
Mario Chalmers acts like my friend's dad

My friend's dad acts bad, he doesn't act like a basketball dude
Sometimes I think the Heat act basketball rude


Shard, Beas and Oden, man, those are all reaches
If you want a challenge, I heard AmMo's catchin Zs on beaches

LeBron likes to imagine dragons but I prefer to ponder condors
Cats gonna tear you up before you see the first responders

Sometimes my raps are too mean sometimes I feel bad, man
But then I see everyone yelling at Mario Chalmers and I feel sad, man
World's coming down on him like ghosts coming at Pac-Man
SuperBron's upset at Mario like Lex Luthor or Gene Hackman

I don't get suicidal though the Bobcats like to lose
But if I did, I'd hop on a Micky Arison Carnival cruise

But I won't have to worry about that against your stupid team
we're gonna whip your butts then I'm gonna eat straight whipped cream
Because it's sweet and I celebrate in style with mediocre self esteem
Kinda like D Wade splurging on pants he sees in the latest issue of Seventeen