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Charlotte Bobcats at Chicago Bulls diss rap

Jonathan Daniel


Gonna address this first because I gotta hate
Derrick Rose waited 18 months to shoot .348

Can't shoot the three or change pace, just gets erased
The most paint he sees is on Carlos Boozer's head and face

Joakim Noah is a nightmare, terrifyingly bad dreams
It seems that he got all of his father's bad genes

A bunch of losers on the bench, squad looking quite frail
But the Bobcats roster is longer than Kirk Hinrich's nails

You beat the Pacers, yeah that's quite magnificent
Thibs is giving 50 minutes to players without ligaments

MKG on Deng, you know he'll keep a tight lock
But Reinsdorf doesn't care, you'll never be the White Sox


Your title hopes are nothing but extreme pipe dreams
Booz screams every play like he's being fitted for tight jeans

D Rose is back but his offense has y'all in a panic attack
Catchin' mad flack for lookin' wack now where's his brother at

Can Tony Snell what Bismack is cookin'
Blocks to serve 13 that'll keep everyone's confidence shooken

Luol Deng's legs must be dust, every three looks like butts
A blind squirrel even gets lucky once, but Lu ain't findin any nuts

Just trust, the Cats are coming to fry y'all up like cold cuts
You think you're the shit but you're gonna get flushed
No low flow, full blow, let's forego the intro
and get right to it: your ass is grass, in goes the gas and we're ready to mow