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Charlotte Bobcats vs Brooklyn Nets game preview

The Bobcats have a home game against a Nets team that's meeting the expectations of nobody.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

This is what it's like watching the Brooklyn Nets. A boring old team that puts you to sleep. The sad part is that the Nets think they're a contender, but they aren't. They're a maybe mediocre team with problems everywhere. KG is dead. Kevin Garnett is still playing but KG is dead. Joe Johnson is past his prime and Deron Williams' ankles are apparently made of glass. Brook Lopez is one of the few players playing up to expectations but he's also injured. He is far and away the best player on the team and is arguably the best offensive center in the NBA.

Deron Williams and Brook Lopez (It is now being reported that Deron Williams will play tonight, Brook Lopez, while not official yet, is still not expected to play) are most likely going to miss the game because of ankle injuries so really the Bobcats' biggest threat and what they need to focus on will be on the over-the-hill trio of Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson and Kevin Garnett. Garnett has looked like a shell of himself offensively save for the first quarter against the Trail Blazers. Pierce and Johnson have been mixed bags so the Bobcats will just have to stick to them and try to keep them out of the paint. They've been pretty great shooters in past years so I wouldn't leave them alone behind the arc just yet. Former Bobcat Shaun Livingston will also be interesting to watch. He's one of the few bright spots on this team and should be a little dangerous. His size at point guard will be an interesting matchup considering his ability to drive and play out of the post.

The Bobcats will also need to hit some threes. Until Al Jefferson comes back the only thing that's going to open up the floor for them is some good three-point shooting. Without that the Nets can just clog the lane all night and deny the Bobcats' many rim attackers.

A matchup to watch will be Cody Zeller vs Kevin Garnett. Garnett, while a shell of his former self is still an intelligent defender and could eat the young big man alive. Zeller needs to avoid being frustrated and has to keep Garnett out of his head.

This game is a toss up, Nets look horrible based on expectations but they're a mediocre team. The Bobcats also look mediocre. The team that has the better defense should win this one.