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Charlotte Bobcats vs Brooklyn Nets diss rap

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


Wassup to all the Brooklynites: scenesters, wieners, keen preeners
pretentious cuisiners, over-caffeiners, oh and all the Nets with broken femurs
I'm meaner, obscener than Prospect Park's latrine cleaners' demeanors
Here's a coupon for a butt-kickin' and the Cats are the redeemers
Don't forget your ticket for your pickup, we're taking the Nets to the cleaners

It's clearer than crystal, misfiring like a malfunctioning missile
at best, the nation can watch a first round dismissal on Bristol

Now you're fodder, a mishmash mishap perfect for diss raps
old and stale, a late-nite snack like Halloween kit-kats

You've got more garbage on your team than in the street
Jason Kidd's crashing and burning in the spotlight like NBA Elite

It's been no easy feat to beat the Knicks to be on a hotter seat
But being replete with overpaid over the hill debris has been quite the treat

Welcome back to the QC where no shot you'll find is free
But after we burn your D, you can grab a complementary cookie at the H-T

Service with a smile, Southern hospitality, you don't have to say please
Or thank you as we spank you while you scream like a bunch of banshees
Help us Shammgod, you plead but your cries he will not heed
Your luxury tax has him displeased, grimacing at fiscal irresponsibilities

And you're ugly and you stink worse than the Gowanus
Might as well start Tornike, cuz regardless you're goners

One day we'll be in the NBA Finals as you spin this from your vinyl
But for now here's a tap to your spinal:
We're gonna thump you harder than Pat Robertson and his bible