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Charlotte Bobcats vs Phoenix Suns diss rap

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


I don't know much about Arizona but I'm still gonna
tear you apart Chuck D-style, b-ball rhymin' Maradona
Block ya with hands of God then run you over,
You're just childish pests and we're grown - sit down, Ramona

And Beezus, jesus, your D, it'll please us, it's grievous
Can't rebound for jack, your record tries to deceive us
Think your squad's for real but it's nothing but mouthbreathers
you'll be speechless as I laugh like Beavis

you're nothing but Buttheads and we'll spank you till your butt's red
on the glass, no restraint in the paint, we're gonna gut shred

MKG and Kemba'll rip out your innards like the tape of a Kenny G cassette
We're gonna get you Out of Step, this is no Minor Threat
You'll get no lucky strikes, we're about to smoke you like a cigarette