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Charlotte Bobcats at Milwaukee Bucks game preview

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Gametime: 8:30 p.m. EST

After last night's disappointingly poor effort against the Suns, the Bobcats face the worst team in the East, both teams on the tail end of a back-to-back.

Milwaukee has been a middling team for years, each year determined to stumble into the playoffs as a late seed in the weak Eastern Conference. The result has been the same pretty much each year: an early exit. Their ownership wants to keep up the status quo and avoid a rebuilding effort. It seemed like the same thing this offseason as they signed O.J. Mayo. Instead, they've just been flat out terrible.

Mayo's been their best player so far, with about 17 points a game on a very impressive 47.2 percent three-point shooting mark. Much of his offense come on the pick and roll, where he's moderately effective, but his best option is a spot-up shot where he scores 1.45 points per possession, or sixth-best in the league.

Their other starting wing is Caron Butler, who at 33-years-old just scored 38 points last night. He's somewhat similar as far that he has a nice shot that he hits out of spot-up looks, but he also likes to post up a little and take people in isolation.

Last year's leader in percentage of two-point shots blocked, Larry Sanders, is out for at least a month recovering from thumb surgery and their defense has lagged a bit in his absence. They've also been the worst team on the defensive glass, giving up offensive rebounds nearly 30 percent of the time. As a team, they struggle most defending the post and pick and rolls.

But mostly their defense has been fine compared to their offense, which hasn't been able to get much going in the pick and roll or in the paint. The Bucks rely on spot-up shots to create a good deal of their offense. Milwaukee turns the ball over at a high rate, too. Without a decent point guard to lead them in these aspects, the team's offense struggles as a unit, doesn't get good ball movement and turns the ball over a bunch.

Yesterday I figured the Bobcats could capitalize on a good turnover and rebounding differential but I definitely learned my lesson and won't say that again today. Joking aside, if they take those categories and get to the line more, they can probably get a win on the road.

I just wonder if Biyombo will see the floor.