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Charlotte Bobcats vs Boston Celtics diss rap

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


Your team's so bad I think it was funded on kickstarter
you'll leave Cha-city quicker and madder than Dick Harter

y'all play ball like rapgame postpartum Shawn Carter
While we're sneaky and deadly - call us the silent farters

Without Rondo, y'all are like Peter Parker learnin on the fly
passes slangin' in the stands seein' double like gemini

Gruff shovin', we're roughin you up and snuffin you out
Brandon Bass is soft as snow and Jeff Adrien is Mr Plow

Telegram! Oh, Mr. Bradley, it's a dunk from Mr. Hendo
Your chances of success are staler than Frank Caliendo

Look in the window, the sign is lit, we'll finish up a baker's dozen
Cuz you make our offense Krispy and hot like the arena is our oven

Way to go fining Gerald Wallace for just being honest
The Bobcats are gonna take you out like AP style with Oxford Commas


The Green game-winner was the highlight of your next five seasons
Sorry but your backcourt and frontcourt are the five reasons

Raps fast and blast ya cuz the raps I mastered, dawg
Your team is craptastic, past when Crawford passed the ball

To his teammates, I think it was a mistake
He makes and breaks the game on any given date

Chucking threes with steez, Jared Sullinger watches in shame
That is when Jared Sullinger makes weight for the game

Avery Bradley is sadly bad, or at least below average
Kemba's a savage, he'll crash the rim and leave your guards mad ravaged

MKG's jumpshot is broken but we're hoping that he can fix it
But with your defense? Who cares, he'll drive, pass the biscuit

The cats arrived with havoc, mischief, 'God's team' across the belly
Seven and seven already, Cody Zelly is coming, better tell Kelly