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Charlotte Bobcats vs Indiana Pacers diss rap

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


We're here to bust you in the grill and bust you in ya gills
an Indy no-frills spill from a pill that's too trill

ya can't swallow or follow,
wishing to be saved like the thirteenth Apollo
but it's predicated and fated
Your ego inflated and conflated
by beating teams you think were freighted
gonna make you shat like shit conjugated

But we're contemplatin elation
pre-datin' a time when this hatin' was 'batin'
now we awaitin' gametime to dictate your deflation
Kemba's ready to burn George Hill like cremation

death comes quick against the cats best pray to your god
hug your mom hug ya dad but don't forget to hug ya point guard

Hoping for a better season but against us you'll be combusting
CJ Watson ain't nothing but a different named DJ Augustin

Yeah Paul is the real deal and you've got that guy from Parks n Rec
But we're realer than Holyfield and you're about to get marked and decked