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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Milwaukee Bucks game preview

The Bobcats should be thankful they get to play a team that can't buy a win, even on Black Friday.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

If I'm understanding the ritual of the Thanksgiving holiday correctly and there's almost no chance that I am (Note: Alan lives in Ireland), it's likely that the bulk of you are reading this from a three-mile long queue, looking like displaced refugees crossing the border of a war-ravaged country into a slightly less war-ravaged country. Fattened and lethargic from yesterday's gluttony, you're hoping to get some consumer electronics that you don't really want for prices that are only a bargain if you don't value your emotional well-being. As your situation begins to look more and more like Cormac McCarthy's The Road, just remember one thing and hold it in your heart when you think you can persevere no longer: if you're one of the lucky few not to be murdered on this most beautiful holiday, you get to watch Bobcats play the Bucks tonight!

After the demoralizing collapse against the Pacers on Wednesday, it's hard to think of a better palette-cleanser than playing the worst team in the NBA. The Bucks are currently on a 0-10 run and look every bit a 2-12 team. They have thus far struggled to find their footing, with frequent lineup changes and have lost by an average of 14 points in their ten game losing streak. The recent return of Brandon Knight might help them on offense, but probably not.

Essentially, this game boils down to how the Bobcats perform offensively. It has the potential to be a good confidence-booster for those on the team who need to see the ball go in the basket. The likes of Jeffrey Taylor and Gerald Henderson really need to get going and contribute to getting the Bobcats away from being the lowest scoring team in the NBA. Open looks will be easier to come by than against the Pacers and the Bobcats need to take advantage of that.

Defensively, the Bobcats have struggled at home giving up 97 points a game and have allowed opponents to shoot 42 percent from three. Obviously, they need to start looking like the Bobcats of those much-touted team defensive numbers. An area where Milwaukee could potentially get hot is the three pointer, so it's imperative the wings close out strong on O.J. Mayo and Ersan Ilyasova.

The Bobcats have a good opportunity tonight to dominate a team they're just plain better than. Hopefully this game will be a nice sorbet to get the taste of recent struggles out of their mouths.