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Charlotte Bobcats vs Milwaukee Bucks diss rap

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports


When we play your squad, automatic victory
Beer? Nah, your chief export is misery

Put your kids to bed, they don't need these violent images
Kemba killin it, and our raps are fatter than your citizens

Us to you is like 50 Cent to Tony Yayo
In the free agency sandwich you should have held the Mayo

At least you got rid of your backcourt, chuck and chuck
You're gonna get stuck so just knuck if you Buck

So much horror has gotten into your fans' heads
Brandon Knight has em like "I just miss injured Michael Redd"

We already have the advantage, no need to gerrymander
Gonna show you how to ball with or without Larry Sanders


You suck, your mascot's the best player in Milwaukee
An embarrassment to the city like a skidmark on ya Jockeys

You're going down like your status with big beer producers
team's NC-17 bad - so if kids are watching, you're abusers

Call it a new brew from the city of beer, come and get ya drank
An ale mixed with tears of joy from fans watching y'all tank

It's already ova, you're dead meat cuz you put in Ilyasova
Happy Hannukah, bring in the rabbi so we know it's kosher

There's no hope for you, we're here to reprise your demis
Your shooting's so bad it took out one of the city's '

Tragedy or comedy, I'm not sure but the Greek Freak can't save ya
To watch the Bucks, all viewers must sign a liability waiver