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Gerald Henderson hits unsuspecting fan in the face with a wild pass


Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

We always see the dangers of having nice seats at a basketball game. Players fly into the stands for loose balls on occasions or the ball sometimes ends up spilling someone's drink. Though not a common occurrence, we understand the risks of being up close and personal.

But tonight we saw an instance when it's dangerous to even be a moving target in the vicinity of the court.

After a drive-gone-awry, Gerald Henderson retreated, jumping as he tried to kick out to a teammate the perimeter. Unfortunately for the Bobcats, he put way too much mustard on the pass and it was inaccurate, soaring over everyone's heads. Unfortunately for one innocent bystander, the ball soared over the bench on a collision course with her head. Shades of Chuck Knoblauch throwing to first base.


Thankfully she ended up being OK. She went to the hospital as is protocol, but she was fine. It was actually her first basketball game of her life. The Bobcats did give her a nice parting gift to try to make some amends.

And Gerald Henderson simply felt absolutely dreadful about the whole accident.