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Bobcats vs Knicks pregame diss rap



Woody knows this and Woody knows that
But Woody don't know jack cuz Woody's starters are crap

Your city's infested with rats, most of whom took the L-SAT
Then there's the ones who got the Knicks trapped
You traded away your flexibility for what, i ask - for jack
Now Andrea's showin' his asscrack and makin' y'all a doormat
Hold up, no take-backs, got y'all once already but it's time we came back
That was just the pace lap, now we're comin' with vicious business where y'all stay at

Chris Smith signed implausibly because you've made mockery of meritocracy,
Already a million guards, but he's JR's family, how can you pretend it's not hypocrisy

This team's going to make for one hell of a blues song, there's no way it may not
But if James Dolan stops the dancers, fans will want JD straight shot


It's Dac back to diss, you know you've heard of me
I'd diss Metta World Peace but he'd probably murder me

Kemba is so real, so it's time to believe the hype
J.R. in girls' DM's but he's giving the shot chart the pipe

Traded way too much for Bargnani, Championship? You ain't ready
Only thing Bargnani's ever made is too much money and a plate of spaghetti

Felton still living off a great college team, so I guess he can stay?
Trying to eat a towel on the bench, "That isn't a ham, Ray"

When we start running up the score, don't be alarmed
At least Melo can go home to a bowl of Lucky Charms