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Charlotte Bobcats vs Toronto Raptors pregame diss rap

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo


We just cleaned up in New York, and Canada's wannabe NYC is next in our sights
We may have Nelly to your Drake but at least he isn't with Breezy startin bar fights

The best poutine is in Montreal and they have a later last call
You're gonna wanna drink late after three hours of Augustin losin' the ball

Meanwhile Kemba's gone in flash cuz he's on DeMar DeRozan,
Feet in quicksand, eyes in the crowd, call him DeStar BeDozin'

Ice cold, my flow is frozen cuz my rhymes and punchlines are perfectly chosen
Real quick, there's some truth to my jokin' -- I bet Rudy's got Casey chain smokin'

MKG's defense and rebounding will be like Robin Hood to help do what no one could:
The Bobcats are going to embarrass Toronto bad enough to make Rob Ford look good


Rudy Gay isn't giving you draft picks, give up your pipe dream
Like the ones your mayor has, high on crack eating ice cream

Watching the Raptors play basketball is like if you and your cousin make out
It's basketball, but so wrong. Oh, Jonas will never break out

Kyle Lowry is kinda foul, he was supposed to take you over the top
Kept you stationary, while Landry Fields totally flopped

Got rid of Bargs, which is great, I have nothing to say
But why extend DeRozan, do you even watch him play?

Drake is rebranding. Candlelit floor and a flood of tears
Can't tell if it's from a girlfriend or being a fan of the Raptors for years

The Raptors ain't a factor, probably the lamest team
Most fun your fans have is playing the Trade Machine