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Charlotte Bobcats vs New York Knicks pregame diss rap, pt 2

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Al Bello


A team full of poor pick and poppers
it's the New York Knickerbockers

MKG on melo, he'll stick and stop ya
young pieces, you're quick to shop em

for aging veterans, just to keep you relevant
not intelligent move with the elegance
of a rhino, and I know, you're not making the finals
last time you won the east was in 1999, bro
back around the time Dr. Dre still made music
12 years before the Celtics hit you with a broomstick

I can tell you now, your glory days are way numbered
and I know I suck at rapping but I'm better than Shumpert

James Dolan pretends he cares, but just wants a money maker
why in the world does Tyson Chandler dress like the under taker
just want the funds to break the fans under his favor
rearrange the team for "new beginnings" then change the nature
new coaches, new players, its a constant flow
no tanking, just trading, just be honest yo.

Dolan is rolling in the cash and doesn't care about fans
folding his hand, open the stands, he's holding your grand
season tickets, no reason to be this sick with
your team: leave em, listen. another brick, miss.

It's a sick myth when they put this team in front of your eyes
you're a "championship contender" but the standings say they lied.


Winter is coming and you're gettin killed in our game of thrones
Not a Red Wedding, but a Bobcats shade of orange tone
to leave you in a mood Kind of Blue that'll drive fans to nursing homes
Miles away as Felton eats his sadness in blueberry scones

Y'all ain't get no bones thrown when Kemba's in Rome
No Regis, no lifelines, can't dial a friend on your phone

You got Felton apologizing on the radio for your loss ratio
Sad you payin' more for less entertainment than you cross on HBO

Mike Woodson can't figure out his best rotation is the one he plays least
So he'll keep going "big" with Bargs as they get sliced up like deli meat

You won't be able to stop us if you give big minutes to Bargnani
Our guards will fly to the hoop riding the night winds, shoutout to Nikki Giovanni
His talent sure ain't a Bargain-ani; he could be outrebounded by Giuliani
and his D gets more exposed than Whitesnake's famed Kitaen, Tawny

It won't be likely to see Spike Lee cheering brightly
With these Knicks, he'll be mourning in all black Nike
Rest in peace - your title aspirations long ago saw their expiration
The walking dead on court and against us there'll be no corpse reanimation

Short turnaround but we reckoned we'd come back for seconds
after winning the first game and then New York's mayoral election
Our defense is Stop and Frisk and shots on us beckon for deflections
No need to Ask Jeeves, just the Butler - We'll Win again in just a reflection, just a reflection, just a reflection