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Charlotte Bobcats vs Miami Heat (vs Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks) diss rap

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


Try to get to the hoop try to get through us it'll suit us
No kingdom for the King here and you'll wish you knew this
Emperor and his friends wearin' the same clothes see they're nudists
We've got all angles covered and we're in the paint cuz we're cubists

Everybody knows LeBron hairline jokes have all gone stale
But LeBron's aging worse than a VHS of You've Got Mail
Meg Ryan, stop tryin. Tom Hanks, no thanks.
Tonight it'll Sleepless in South Beach on the shore banks
It'll be a late night watching film of every D Wade miss
Bobcats are gonna make Miami so depressed they rent French Kiss
You're desperate to find any cheese against our D, lookin mad verminal
Clifford'll have you stuck in one place like Tom Hanks in the Terminal