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Bobcats vs Magic diss rap

USA TODAY Sports Images

Tyler (I invited my roommate to do a verse in my stead since I was busy with work)

A la Kazaam
More like a la ka damn

you suck

You can't beat da cats, where ya at
These ain't the days of Penny and Shaq

It's two oh one three
and you can't see cha city

Never been but it's probably as crazy as Marlin Brando

Get ready for Apocalypse NOW, well not right now but later tonight
Game's gonna be a boring blow out, fans wishin for a fight

"Orlando Magic, yeah I'm a big fan!
I spend all my vacations at Disney Land"

Your city's going down like the mother of Bambi
Your state only needs one team and you wish you were Miami

You don't know how to ball, let us teach
So you live in Florida ... but not near a beach?


Big Baby gonna turn it up, if 'it' is the scale
All your fans only find out the score through braille

Because you have to be blind to enjoy the Magic, it's tragic
The Bobcats gonna smash and pass it, fans wanna step into traffic

Crash the glass and laugh, Tobias Harris is going down too
He's gonna feel more like his last name's Funke, because he'll be so blue.

Your stadium development should've been arrested
Ain't seen more than 100 fans since Dwight left it

Check it, Oladipo brings hope, but your team still makes me hurl
Your nightlife is hanging out with robots from 'It's A Small World'

Your squad is just now tanking, guess they finally cracked a clue
Gonna leave your faces like your jerseys, black and blue.