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Charlotte Bobcats vs Indiana Pacers diss rap

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports


You wanna be number one, nah sound the alarm
Survey says nope and you're boring like Richard Karn

Yeah your defense is cool just kidding, that was snark
We're gonna bum rush the lane and leave a skidmark

Go ahead and ball with Justin Timberlake and get faded
Y'all kindred spirits, ain't done jack in a decade but get jaded

I didn't even know there were still fans of the Pacers
I thought those disappeared in the early 2000s like Brendan Fraser

Or lame like Frasier Crane, yeah the Pacers are tame
The Cats are gonna lay your acclaim to flame

We're gonna light em up, a match for a funeral pyre
Lonely Is The Night when the Pacers are a tire fire
Especially in Indiana, where excitement goes to expire
To liven up their evenings, residents listen to Billy Squier

Ballin like they're decades behind, watching Indy is a hassle
Good thing the Bobcats are gonna put 'em underground like a time capsule
And bury that crap with no trace of how to find it
Don't want our descendants to watch it and get blinded