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Charlotte Bobcats vs Los Angeles Lakers diss rap

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor


Your head coach is the Pringle's guy,
for the Cats the basket looks Kris Kringle wide

Not a single eye on the court your fans just mingle and cry
we're sicker than sickle cell anemia sicker than shingles, die

So Nick Young is the sick one, vomiting shots up
so much drama y'all love a hobbling Mamba, yup.

I guess this is karma 'cause we dealt with your terrible fans
just pull out the vodka, we're gonna take you to unbearable land

Cool, you've got palm trees and beautiful weather
We got Kemba draining threes, need Staples to hold your bench together

It's unusual to assume your pieces are movable
and that the playoffs are doable, the feeling ain't mutual
you must all be delusional, free agents don't find your squad suitable
and to prove it to you, Kobe's field goal percentage is producible
showtime? hell no. your glory days... well they seem passed
Swagtime is a bad time, how'd you make everyone hate Steve Nash?

Dwight didn't even like you so now your fans are spiteful
saying he's a coward and that it's rightful that he left, won't win a title

But maybe it's the crazy shooting guard with rabies
who plays like he'd take a championship over his babies?

Triangle offense turned into a Bermuda triangle, great players went missing
Pau Gasol, he lost it all. Wes Johnson is trash, in the wind he's pissing

So take your legend, take your relevance, take your "RINGZ" obsession
the Bobcats are about to take this rivalry back to 2007


Compared to us, you can't hold a candle
Revel in our glory as we fly off the handle
You scramble like fools but we're ready to trample
Our D will have y'all seeing double like Warhol and Campbell

Soup or Marilyn Monroe. Lookin' for a solution but you dun-no.
Roster trash with a no-fun flow
living on a prayer with some average none-sum joes

Pau and Mike brawlin dawn-to-dusk-and-dusk-to-dawn til the sun show
Effort or role, Gasol's gone-to-dust-and-rust-to-john, is he done yo

Yeah, that was a toilet joke, much like your poop team
Same dude, different Mamba, still need a new team
Yours stinks and is giving out cash to be a screwed team
If I was younger and a Lakers fan, I'd be a blue teen
They already ditched the purp'n'gold for the red and blue team
Second best or first worst in your own arena, now who's the rube team

No point guards left so you gotta go to Kobe
Calficied joints so bad you'd rather start Moby
"Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?" say the LA genuine phony
Kemba's gonna ride his defense like a Ginuwine Pony
Defensive holes bigger than rigatoni on a 60 inch Sony
Tonight your fans are gonna start a campaign like hashtag Stop 'Toni

Sunny skies and a calm breeze through the palm trees
It's a sad fall from the top to praying for wins from bum knees