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Bobcats hit "Walker-off" game-winner, defeat Raptors 104-102

Kemba Walker hit a game-winner in overtime with just one second left to give the Bobcats the victory.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

After a horrid first half, the Bobcats retaliated and sent the game went into overtime, where Kemba's heroics led them to a comeback win -- something we haven't seen the Bobcats have much success with.

Kemba Walker hit a game-winning shot in overtime that beat the buzzer, and more importantly, the Raptors. It was as classic a game-winner as you can get.

If you missed the game-winner, you can watch it here.

Jefferson set an excellent screen used that slowed Valanciunas and Vasquez from recovering to Walker. Even so, that screen would only slow down someone a little but when you have the type of speed Walker has, you can create space in a hurry.

When Walker grabs the pass from Josh McRoberts, he's facing away from the hoop. Most players would rush and take an off-balance shot. However, Walker is one of the best players in the NBA at stopping on a dime and going straight up. Walker was able to quickly turn around, see a sliver of space and get a balanced shot off. Shot goes in, Bobcats go home with a win. Nicely done.

Walker had an incredible night, shooting 10-for-18 for 29 points. The Raptors had Greivis Vasquez guard him. Vasquez may be the worst defensive point guard in the NBA. Walker exploited the flat-footed Vasquez and was able to get by him and create good looks for himself all night.

Jefferson had a big game too. After getting destroyed by Cousins last night, Jefferson did the same thing to Jonas Valanciunas, scoring 24 points on 9-for-18 shooting for 24 points and grabbing 11 rebounds. He was a huge part of the offense in overtime, where he took all but one of the Bobcats' shots.

If I told you Anthony Tolliver was going to shoot 80 percent from the field and score 10 points in a comeback effort, you would have laughed at me. Well, that happened too.

The Bobcats were also decent on the defensive end. They forced the Raptors to shoot 34 midrange jumpers, but the Raptors made enough of them and got to the rim (where they were 19-for-25) enough to keep the game close. Sometimes the other team just makes shots.

A game of progress with a game winner.