Fun with Trade Machine


Charlotte Bobcats trade 1st round pick, Ben Gordon, and Ramon Sessions for New York's Carmelo Anthony This trade is totally unrealistic. Not in so much as it couldn't happen, but that there have to be tons of teams out there that can make better offers than the Bobcats. Why it works: Carmelo has a player option for next season and the Knicks don't seem to be going anywhere. But he's not going to turn down 23 million to play in the league's biggest market, especially when in the new CBA he's not going to see that money again. The Knicks don't have a draft pick this offseason. They have no choice but to blow everything up and start over. Interestingly enough, the Bobcats are taking a huge risk in this trade. While Melo certainly wouldn't turn away 23million easily, he also may have no interest in playing in Charlotte next season. (Lebron/Melo/Dirk/Kobe/Nash superteam anyone?) The Bobcats could be in the exact same position they would be in going into the offseason sans one draft pick, although certainly would become an instant top 4 team in the East Is the risk of losing a draft pick at the cost of a single season's success worth it? To me it is.