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Charlotte Bobcats vs Utah Jazz diss rap

Man, this face just makes me feel sad for him
Man, this face just makes me feel sad for him
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports


Say word? You're still trying to build around Gordon Hayward?
This tanking of yours is staler than a grey turd.

No outside haters needed, your fans are mad enough
A roster so bad all the locals can do is sadden up

Saddle up, this season's gonna bruise like riding bareback
Every team knucks if ya buck, you stink like bear crap
Your futility is like watching a deer snared in a bear trap
It ain't rare that you play ball like group of impaired cats

Your wackness ain't jack to look or clap at
Hush up, shut up, just take these rap jazz slaps

Front office of hand wringers and basketball felonious flunks
Your starters' nicknames should be Charles Dingus and Thelonius Junk
Yeah my jazz insults make me an Acrimonious Punk

Can't forget about Django Reinfart and Branturd Fart-smellers
don't rap back, I'm not a nice guy and I'm down to start malice
The Bobcats are gonna light you up in the night sky like Aurora Borealis