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Charlotte Bobcats at Dallas Mavericks diss rap

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


World's biggest douche, where does Mark rank?
Probably first, Bobcats gonna take you to the shark tank

Would put you down quick, we wanna make it last though
Mark is the worst Cuban since Fidel Castro

Kemba's been shooting poorly and I know, Monta have it all
But we're about to make your owner sweat, order some new shirts, small

When we're on the court, we're about to spread malice
Tried to diss a rapper from your city, but there's none in Dallas

It's about to get scary, Dirk shut down, that's hairy
Be wary, your coach looks like a bald Jim Carrey

They say things are bigger in Texas, does it not apply to shirts?
The Cats are gonna take the Mavs, chew em up, put em in the dirt


The Sun is setting, water creeping in, your ship is sinking
Monta have it all, and that includes ballin' like he's been drinking
To have hope in him and this team, it's just wishful thinking
Leaving Mark Cuban as the ever-richer man whose shirts are ever shrinking
Your D makes me wink with both eyes, yeah I call that blinking
I'm stunned with no inkling of what the Mavs are but they're stinking

You pray you could be evading the realization that your squad is fading
Our shots coming across your bow to ya brow, you wish it was a grazing

Gonna get run over like some George Jetsons in Stetsons
the game's over and your owner's shopping the kids sections

Flexin' your team with aggression is my profession
And the Cats are here to start your funeral procession