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Charlotte Bobcats vs Philadelphia 76ers diss rap

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports


Why must the city of Brotherly Love be the city of basketball hate
Roster looks like it was put together as a pitch on basketball Slate

About to slice you up and grate ya til you're indiscernable
gonna sell you next to the crepes at the Reading Terminal

Hollis, Lorenzo, Thaddeus and Lavoy
These names are cool but you're about to be destroyed

We're about to plaster you like one of your murals
Synapses firing in ya neural but it's empty like rural
Hinkie's stinky and you're about to get flattened like a squirrel
Time's running down, nerves on edge so bad ya hurl

Tempo's up and your heartbeat is too
Hypertension ascension, can't get through
to the hoop to the rim, defense'll turn ya blue
We're diggin for your Burial cuz your success was Untrue


Let the tears flow, your fast start was fake
Michael Carter-Williams looks exactly like Drake

Hinkie gutted your team that was mediocre enough
Your fans say "embrace the tank" but it's gonna get rough

You're not that bad, put tanking on the burner
Besides, you're just gonna draft another Evan Turner

Giving James Anderson minutes, that doesn't bode well
At least in five years injuries won't be sitting Nerlens Noel

He's the next Greg Oden, or Hasheem Thabeet
It's kinda sad that your GM has dreams of defeat

Can't rely on the lottery to put you where you wanna be
This team is next level bad, have you crappin in your dungarees