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Bobcats pregame diss rap: vs Pacers

"These dudes, man. They're just too sick wit it." - Frank Vogel
"These dudes, man. They're just too sick wit it." - Frank Vogel


We've beaten you once, do ya wanna repeat history?
Even Roy Dub thinks having both Hansbroughs is a daggone mystery

DJ and McGuire, sure, recycle our trash
It'll help us burn you like Michael Beasley's stash

And DJ I thought we held you back but it's the reverse
Done flown the coop and it turns out you're even worse

Damn, Lance, I liked you in Gunnin' For That Number One Spot
But I can't forgive domestic violence and forget it I cannot

And Roy, you're seven-two but on layups you shoot below 40 percent
It makes no sense unless the Monstars stole your offense

Our rhymes tear teams to shreds, they unravel at the seam
Your pace car's done crashed and beating the Bobcats is a pipe dream


The Pacers started nice but I still don't believe in them
Who's that at small forward, Bobby or Chris Brown, or Lance Stephenson?

And like Lance, we'll be throwing you down the stairs.
You play in Indiana so who really cares?

Bad shots, if he wasnt injured, Granger probably shot em.
Roy Hibbert stays softer than a baby's bottom

Who's your best? Paul George? David West?
You're better naming your team "A Tribe Called Wrecked"

After what the bobcats do to you, you'll be sobbing cats, brutal too
We make these diss raps to get through to you

That you don't stand a chance at the big dance
And Paul George, are you all grown up yet? Are you wearing your big pants?