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David West out, Hansbrough to start for Pacers vs Bobcats

Indian will be missing their star power forward tonight, in addition to Danny Granger.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

David West will take the night off to heal his scratched eye, leaving the Pacers with Tyler Hansbrough to start in his stead at power forward, Rick Bonnell reports.

He will also split time with Teddy Pendergrass Jeff Pendergraph. Look for Hansbrough to have a decent game. He's a physical dude with no fear of getting rough in the paint. He could drop a double-double on this Bobcats frontcourt without much stretching of the imagination.

Still, this is a pretty big blow to Indiana, who got a triple-double performance from West last time around. Small forward Danny Granger will also not play tonight, though he grows nearer to his first game of the season after a knee injury knocked him out before the season.