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Charlotte Bobcats trade deadline rumors, Valentine's Day edition

Not much to report right now, but here are a couple quick updates on the Bobcats' trade deadline whispers.


We're just about a week away from the trade deadline, to the exact moment (Feb. 21 at 3 p.m. EST). So here's your roundup of rumors.

Sam Amico division

The Cavs are reportedly leading the competition in trying to land Greg Oden, but the Bobcats are likely to join them in offering a contract. However because of trade deadline implications, teams are likely to wait to offer until after next Thursday.

Amico also says the Bobcats are one of the teams inquiring about Hawks forward Josh Smith.

Update on reported Ben Gordon-Humphries offer

The Nets have reportedly cooled on the prospects of acquiring Ben Gordon, believing his defensive liabilities aren't worth the trade. (via New York Daily News)

Things are a little quiet right now for Charlotte, as it tends to be nowadays. Rich Cho isn't really one to jump at a trade just to make a trade before the deadline, as we saw last year. Further, the Bobcats are generally pretty tight-lipped and ever since former AP reporter Mike Cranston stopped covering the team, trade rumors coming out of the Cable Box are even less common.