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Bobcats and Raps discuss Gordon for Bargnani swap

Hey look, a trade rumor!


According to ESPN's Marc Stein, the Charlotte Bobcats have found a potential trade partner to rid themselves of Ben Gordon.

That partner is the Toronto Raptors. Great! They have a bunch of young players the Bobcats could use.


Andrea Bargnani? Seriously?

The Raptors won't bite on a straight up swap of Gordon for Bargnani, Stein reported, because rookie Terrence Ross and veteran player (and former Bobcat) Alan Anderson have been playing extremely well for them. A trade for Gordon would cut both of those players' minutes significantly.

However, Stein noted that taking on Gordon is easier than taking on Carlos Boozer, who was also rumored to be in a swap for Andrea Bargnani last week.

This sounds like nothing serious. I imagine the teams talked about it and left it.

Andrea Bargnani is a solid, albeit inconsistent offensive player, and the Bobcats could use his scoring. The issue, however, is that Bargnani is a terrible rebounder and mediocre help defender. Silas and Oakley might have been able to get some grit out of Bargnani, but I don't think Mike Dunlap can.

Gordon isn't worth a ton, and I think it's telling that the Bobcats are even considering this deal. They're desperately trying to unload him.

If the Bobcats are to take on Bargnani's salary, you'd hope the Raptors are throwing in a pick or young player.

I follow the Raptors pretty closely, and can tell you that they're pretty high on most of their players. The rumor that Terrence Ross might find his way into this deal is laughable. While he was seen as a reach at eighth overall, Ross has shown that his selection that early was warranted. He's a decent two-way player with athleticism and a silky smooth stroke from deep. Not happening.

The Raptors also don't have their pick this year, as it will most likely end up with the Oklahoma City Thunder. A future first isn't out of the question, but I don't think the Bobcats want sloppy seconds surrounded by uncertainty.

Don't read too much into this rumor, guys. The only thing that's clear is that the Bobcats are in fact trying to unload Gordon at any cost.