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Bobcats trade deadline rumors: Update 2/19

Bargnani unlikely to be moved before deadline.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

So much for those Andrea Bargnani rumors. The Toronto Star's Doug Smith says the Italian big man isn't likely to be moved until the summer, per a source.

And Rick Bonnell said the rumors are "baseless."

Perhaps the discussions didn't happen. Perhaps they did. It doesn't matter, really. Front offices are constantly having preliminary discussions to get a feel for how much the other team values a player. The Raptors desperately want out of Bargnani's contract and the Bobcats earnestly want to move Ben Gordon. Toronto doesn't have a need for Ben Gordon with their depth at guard, but they might have been willing to part with someone or make room, considering the drop in salary.

However it did or didn't happen, I'm just glad it appears dead. I hated this idea. The Bobcats have more than their fair share of mediocre power forward/centers. The offense might benefit a tad, but the defense could be worse with Bargnani. Not to mention the salary it would add to the Bobcats' roster.

Now where oh where could the Bobcats send Ben Gordon...