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Bobcats pregame diss rap: vs. Magic

"We're really doomed now. He just referenced Freaks and Geeks"
"We're really doomed now. He just referenced Freaks and Geeks"


The bobcats are sick, man they probably got rabies
It's too easy to diss a team that pays Big Baby

Franchise the opposite of copacetic
So pathetic, you're gonna get ripped off for Redick

Arron Afflalo is not the one to follow
I guess Otis Smith's head must be hollow

E'twaun Moore? I'd like E'twaun less
The magic turned McRoberts into an alcoholic mess

Bravo, 3 points per game Gustavo?
Your game isn't art, it's opposite of Picasso

Well hey, at least Al Harrington won't come limping in
And at least you have Vucevic and Andrew Nicholson


You're weak, your bad play, it really speaks
Sadder than Sam's love life, yeah Freaks 'n Geeks

Call him Ishmael, me, I'll call him hot trash
Dog, against Kemba, he'll just see a hot flash

Hurry, call the police, it's the King of Pain
J.J., gotta keep him, his airballed layups fall like rain

Ball or Gimme Pizza P-I-Z-Z-A
Hedo wanted both but instead all he got was roid rage

It's too bad it didn't pay off neither
His play is the only thing more destructive than this ether

You've got Jacque itch and ain't no cure
Your fall's been bigger than the towers in Kuala Lumpur.