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Charlotte Bobcats shopping Gerald Henderson for first round pick

The young shooting guard is on the trading block, Woj reports.


Coming on the heels of Henderson's best game of the season, we have news that the Bobcats are looking to find a first round pick in exchange for Bobcats' starting shooting guard.

The Bobcats could have three first round draft picks this year, but they may not be done shifting current assets to future ones, Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

The Charlotte Bobcats are offering guard Gerald Henderson to teams for a first-round pick.

The Bobcats declined to give Henderson an extension last fall, sending him to restricted free agency in this offseason. Such has been the modus operandi for most of the Bobcats' young players in recent years.

Henderson has been one of the more promising young players, with a variety of talents. He's shown progress on offense and his defense has always been rather solid. After starting off hot from three upon his return from injury, he's cooled substantially from behind the arc. Even still, his field goal percentage has been rising steadily from month to month.

Still, this rumor comes to us quite bare. There are no details on the year of the pick, the spot Charlotte's aiming for or what else could be included.

All we know is the Bobcats are continuing to hope that turning currents assets into future ones with higher potential can pay off. But to this point, it's arguable they haven't risked such a talented young player.