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Charlotte Bobcats trade deadline roundup: Looking for options

So what are the Bobcats looking to find before the trade deadline? Simply put, they're looking for options.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Only a little over 24 hours remains in the period in which teams can complete trades with one another. Nothing has yet escalated from the rumors, and Yahoo!'s Marc Spears reports that the dominoes will only begin to tumble once Josh Smith has been dealt somewhere. As the time crunch puts the pinch on front offices around the league, surely trades will begin to occur.

For some teams more than others it seems a trade is only a matter of time. For the Bobcats, it's a little difficult to read. Some rumors have come and go and it simply seems there aren't many teams interested in what wares the Bobcats are hawking. But perhaps things will heat up for them as more movement occurs.

The newest rumor comes from Good King Woj-encelas, stating the Bobcats are trying to deal Gerald Henderson for an unspecified first round pick.

If true - and come on, it's Woj - then this could indicate the Bobcats are not done rebuilding a foundation for this franchise, even with possibly three first round picks this year. I am led to believe Rich Cho and Rod Higgins are not sold on this coming draft nor on Henderson making vast improvements and want to prepare for further talent by turning Henderson into another first rounder.

Questions remain concerning the year, the team, and more, of course. People are down on this year's class, especially with Nerlens Noel suffering an ACL tear. If they aim for this coming draft, they can possibly get a higher pick. Or they can try to get a first rounder from further down the road, which could result in a mid-late first round pick or possibly lower, depending on how the future plays out and protections. Who knows. And what teams want Henderson? The Pistons are said to have some interest, but I'm not sure who else is eyeing him closely. Teams looking for a defensive-minded guard with a decent offensive skill set trying to break into the playoff plateau might have interest. It's really hard to say.

I had thought the Bobcats would at this point be contemplating acquiring the type of talent that can compete now, but without a lot of assets that other teams need, the Bobcats might not be able to find that via trade, instead looking for more first rounders and focusing on utilizing upcoming cap space to explore free agency this summer.

Moving Ben Gordon once seemed to be an option, drawing interest from the Brooklyn Nets. However, their interest soured because of his poor defense. And then he had a kerfuffle with coach Mike Dunlap and now trading Ben Gordon looks fairly unlikely. Rumors of the Bobcats being interested in dealing Gordon for Andrea Bargnani surfaced this past weekend but died quickly.

Dunlap has taken it upon himself to have one-on-one conversations with the players to discuss things. Communication is key as the deadline looms and players are unsure of their situation. It's a nice gesture and I'm sure every Bobcat realizes no player is safe.

Just about anything can happen and just about nothing can happen, too. I think most of us were fairly convinced the Bobcats would try to trade D.J. Augustin by the deadline last year, but nothing happened. Teams weren't interested and this year we can look at his performance in Indiana and see a little bit why.

And so here we are. As I type this, there are about 30 hours remaining before the deadline. Once things start moving and the sand in the hourglass starts running low, maybe we'll see some movement from the Bobcats.

Or perhaps I'll be sitting here 31 hours from now and nothing will have changed. Ah, trade deadline season, love it or hate it, it'll have you on the edge of your seat.