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Bobcats trade Hakim Warrick to Magic for Josh McRoberts, reports state

The Bobcats squeezed out a last second deal before the trade deadline.


With clock striking 3 p.m. on the Eastern side of the United States, the trade deadline has arrived. Though it seemed the Bobcats would stand pat, they have traded Hakim Warrick for Josh McRoberts, Rick Bonnell reports.

The deal was reported as a three-way trade between Charlotte, Orlando and Milwaukee but this is not the case. The other deal between Orlando and Milwaukee sent J.J. Redick in a six-player trade. Duke alumni abound!

As far as the financials are concerned, the Bobcats save a little bit of money, going from Warrick's $4 million salary to McRoberts' $3.135 million expiring contract. Warrick's contract essentially expires this year as well, with a team option this offseason.

Warrick had played a good bit this season for Charlotte while the Bobcats had a gap in the frontcourt when Byron Mullens and Tyrus Thomas were out with injuries. But as they came back and the team picked up Jeff Adrien, Warrick fell back out of favor in the depth chart.