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Bulls bully Bobcats, win 105-75

It was a rough night for the hometown team. Chicago's veteran squad proved to be too much for the young Bobcats, as the Bulls cruised to their 32nd win of the season.


All it took was four minutes into the game for me to realize that this one wasn't going to be pretty. The Bobcats weren't getting quality looks and the Bulls were actually playing them like they were a quality team. The ending result would be a 30-point loss in which several key players for Charlotte turned in comically bad performances (looking at you, Byron and Ramon).

Neither team got off to a fast start on the offensive end, although the Bulls got progressively better as the quarter went on. As for the Bobcats, it was a struggle-fest throughout the night, but especially in the first quarter. With 2:15 remaining in the opening quarter, the Bobcats had a grand total of 10 points!

Even though it was one of the uglier games of the season there were a couple of positives. Bismack Biyombo was all over the place in the first half, tallying three blocks and nine boards. He scored all seven of his points in the first half and reminded everyone why he was a top 10 pick.

Speaking of top-10 picks, the Bobcats' other one from the 2011 draft, Kemba Walker, was the other positive to come out of the game. Kemba finished with 27 points on the night, his third consecutive game with 24 or more points. Over that three game stretch he's shooting 52 percent (11-21) from beyond the arc.

Despite the two impressive performances from the second year pros, they didn't get any help from their teammates. Ramon Sessions was brutal from start to finish; he missed all nine of the shots he took to outdo Byron Mullens' 1-for-12 from the field game. Mully passed up a couple good looks early in the game that he normally wouldn't think twice about, which makes you wonder what happened between tonight's game and the last one. Whatever happened shook his confidence.

The Bobcats would trail by as much as 21 in the second quarter before getting it down to 14 heading into the locker room. A 14-point lead is definitely within range of a comeback, but this did not feel like a 14 point lead. Were there no scoreboard, you would have thought Chicago was up by at least 20.

It didn't take long for the Bulls to squash any hopes of a Bobcat comeback. Nate Robinson had nine points in the first five minutes of the third quarter to push the lead to 19. Kemba came up with back-to-back three-point plays with Charlotte down 22, but the Bulls closed the quarter out on a 5-0 spurt to diminish what little hope there was.

All you need to know about the fourth quarter is that the Human White Flag aka Reggie Williams was brought off the bench. His contribution: six minutes, two missed 3s and free throws and an assist. Gooooooooooo Regggggie!!!

The Bulls had eight players finish in double figures. Yes, you read that correct. Taj Gibson had a team-high 17 points in just 18 minutes. Marco Belinelli and Jimmy Butler also reached double digits in 18 minutes of action, as they each finished with 12 points, respectively. Carlos Boozer was the only player in the game to snag a double-double; he finished with 10 points and 10 boards on the evening.

Looking ahead to tomorrow's contest, something to keep an eye on is Mike Dunlap's decision to leave several starters in late in the fourth quarter with the game far out of reach. It was a puzzling decision with Denver coming to town tomorrow in what should make for an up and down fast paced battle.

For those who didn't see this game consider yourself lucky. It was not purdy.