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Bobcats pregame diss rap: vs. Clippers

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Welcome to Lob City, the flop-ulous metropolis
Whine City hasn't the same ring but better fits the oculus

Ask Greg Monroe, MKG's got the Def Jam
Not even Lamar and CP3's stank fragrances can stop his slams

Your bench frontcourt has me laughin' and cryin', tears fallin'
We had to trade for Gana Diop to get rid of Ryan Hollins

Yeah, yeah MJ's track record stinks; he's been no treat
But Sterling's watching the showers, peepin' your meat

It's simple and plain, the sucker is racist as John Wayne
Unless you're white, a seat at Staples is all you can rent from that stain


Your team's less entertaining then the all-star performance by Phillip Phillips
Your team is the most oft-injured team in recent memory, where's Chauncey Billups?

Your game is unrefined, to be blunt its straight butt, sir.
I can't count how many jab steps i've seen from Caron Butler.

Blake Griffin is a flopper, Matt Barnes face is what I dread, though.
Too bad Del Negro will never give any minutes to Eric Bledsoe.

Bobcats gonna murder your squad, call 'em Lizzy Borden
Not many contracts worse than what you gave DeAndre Jordan

Chris Paul always complains, the Bobcats will be straight smashing him
Jamal Crawford eats basketballs bigger than Khloe Odom-Kardashian