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Bobcats unable to complete comeback, fall to Rockets

A third quarter comeback attempt by the Bobcats was foiled by a 14-point fourth quarter performance by Patrick Patterson.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

This was not a "feel-good" game, as some would say.

The Bobcats weren't expected to win this game, as the Houston Rockets are a team vying for a playoff spot. But after seeing the Bobcats blow a big lead against the Rockets on January 21st, it seemed as if they at least had a chance.

The Rockets came out of the gates quickly, getting out to a 20-10 lead led by Chandler Parsons (who finished the first with 13 points). The Bobcats got back into it with the help of Ramon Sessions. Despite shooting almost 60% from the floor in the first quarter, the Rockets only found themselves up on the Bobcats 32-27.

At one point in the second half, the Bobcats found themselves down by 12, but worked their way back within five due to the help of Gerald Henderson. The five-point game went away quickly, though, after the Rockets worked their way to a 62-51 lead at the end of the half.

Although the game looked bad for the Bobcats, it could have been much worse. Houston only shot 20% from 3-point range in the first half. If they shot their average, 35.9%, the game might have been over at halftime. Even with their awful three point shooting, they scored 62 points in one half.

Led by Kemba Walker's 10 points and 57.1% field goal shooting, the Bobcats dominated the Rockets 26-17 in the third quarter. The big comeback did not even begin until about halfway through the quarter, either. With 7:05 to go in the quarter, Houston had their biggest lead of the game (15 points). In the quarter, the Bobcats shot 55.6% from the floor (they shot 37.7% in all other quarters) as opposed to the Rockets' 31.6%.

Thirty seconds into the fourth quarter, the Bobcats took an 80-79 lead thanks to a Jeff Taylor 3-pointer. They rode that lead for a bit, and eventually found themselves up 88-83 with nine minutes remaining.

Then, the Patrick Patterson takeover happened.

Patterson (almost) single-handedly brought the Rockets back into this game, scoring 14 points in the fourth, on 6-6 shooting. In contrast, he had 13 points in the first three quarters combined.

Unfortunately, after the Rockets took the lead, they never looked back, eventually winning 109-95.

The most important thing from this game, however, wasn't the stats or even the final score. A minute and a half into the fourth quarter, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist took a knee to the back of his head, courtesy of Jeffery Taylor. He was unconscious for several minutes before being taken off the floor by stretcher. Fortunately, the Bobcats reported he's moving and talking at the hospital. However, the team is unsure whether he'll make the trip to Miami with the rest of the team.

It would have been good to see this team get the win after coming back in the fourth quarter, but wasn't meant to be. Although Kemba scored 24 points, he didn't shoot well, which has been a reoccurring problem this season. Henderson and Sessions, however, shot a combined 58.8% from the floor and scored 35 points. As has been the case this season, the Bobcats' backcourt had to carry the load.

Next up, Charlotte travels to Miami to face the Heat on Sunday.