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Bobcats week in review and preview of the coming week

Did you have a busy week and didn't get to follow the 'Cats as closely as you would have liked? Want to know who performed well, who didn't, and other big news of this past week? Well, you are in the right place.

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Charlotte entered the week coming off a win over Minnesota and trying to build a winning streak. The task at hand was not an easy one as the Bobcats had to head to Chicago, San Antonio and Houston as part of a tough five-game road swing. The experience and talent gap between Charlotte and this past week's opponents was too great as the game against the Bulls was the only one the 'Cats were able to keep within 10 points.

It was a rough week to be a fan, and not just because of the losses (more on this later). Let's get straight to it and look at the highs and lows of the week.

Best Player

Kemba Walker takes home the honor. He wasn't spectacular, but he was the most consistent player this week, tallying 18, 16 and 24 points, respectively. The offensive burden fell on his shoulders as usual and he did a fine job considering his teammates weren't stepping up. Kemba's best game came against the Rockets. He played 43 minutes, scored 24 on 23 shots and came up with four steals.

Looking at his assist total for the week it is underwhelming (13), but then again so is the lineup that surrounds him. There wasn't much competition this week for best player. Ramon Sessions had a pair of 20-point games but he was awful against the Bulls shooting just 2-of-9.

While Kemba wasn't necessarily the best player throughout all three games he didn't lay a dud like some of the other candidates did.

Worst Player

This one is rather easy. Gerald Henderson has been the biggest disappointment of the season and he didn't do anything to change that this past week. It's been a struggle for Henderson to get minutes from Dunlap this year and it showed in the past three games. Despite starting in each contest Henderson didn't crack the 30-minute mark once and was held under 25 minutes the past two games.

Jeffery Taylor came through with a big game against Houston as he continues to push Hendo for minutes. In a season in which Hendo was expected to take a step forward and make a push for a nice-sized contract, he has floundered. On a team that desperately needs someone not named Kemba Walker or Ramon Sessions to consistently chip in on the offensive end, he has failed to do so efficiently.

Over the past three games he shot 12-of-29 and averaged a shade over 10 points per game. Inconsistency has plagued him all season and he's going to need to start producing consistently if he wants to remain a Bobcat.

Best Performance

This one goes to Jeff Adrien against the Bulls. Adrien may be limited offensively, but against Chicago he chipped in 14 points and even hit a couple jumpers. What was most impressive was how he held his own against Chicago's front court that features the likes of Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson. Adrien snagged 10 boards, five of which were of the offensive variety.

Worst Performance

Sticking with the Chicago game on this one and giving it to Sessions. Ben Gordon was the other option for his play against San Antonio, but even if he had played better it wouldn't have been enough to overcome what amounted to being a 24-point loss. Sessions, on the other hand, missed seven of the nine shots he took off the bench and wasn't able to get to the line enough to make up for his poor shooting performance.

In a game that was relatively close, his play impacted the outcome more than Gordon's did against the Spurs. To Sessions' credit he did respond with two nice games after the dud in Chicago.

Best Moment

Short and sweet: Bismack Biyombo elbow jumper swish.

Worst Moment

One of the worst moments of the season took place against the Rockets. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist collided with Jeffrey Taylor and had to be wheeled off on a stretcher. It looked awfu,l and the fact that MKG appeared knocked out and not moving any of his extremities didn't help either. Fortunately, it has been diagnosed as just as a concussion, although we are well aware that concussions need to be taken seriously. It could be a while before we see the second pick in the Draft take the floor again. Let's hope it's sooner than later.

Look ahead

Things aren't going to get any easier for the 'Cats this week. They're about to play four games in six nights, starting tonight in Miami before taking on Kyrie Irving and Cleveland on Wednesday. That will wrap up the road trip, before a back-to-back on Friday and Saturday against the Lakers at home and Philadelphia on the road.

It's going to be a tough set of games for Charlotte once again, but when you're tied for the worst record in the league, every game is going to be a tough game.

The Bobcats will be getting back everyone's favorite Byron Mullens tonight. Mully is going to be on a minutes restriction, but getting him back on the court will help things on the offensive side of the ball. The defensive end is another story. Also, the comedy factor of this team rises exponentially with a healthy Mully.