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Quick-cap: Bobcats can't outscrap Miami, fall 99-94

The Bobcats keep it close but can't finish in South Beach, falling just short.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Chris said it in the preview and boy, did Miami show how they play down to competition. Of course, Charlotte played up to competition too. But Miami sleepwalked through this game and pretty much shut it down late.

Byron Mullens was back and looked like he didn't miss a thing, going 4-for-13 from the field for 10 points. The rest of the Bobcats didn't do much better, but Ramon Sessions and Ben Gordon's efficient performances kept the game tight. The Heat also got little out of anyone outside of their Big Three, who scored 74 of their 99 points. But it didn't matter, for that would be enough paired with everyone else's contributions. Oh, and LeBron only missed one field goal. What frontcourt problems?