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Bobcats pregame diss rap: vs Cleveland Cavaliers

Oh ho ho, those disses sure got us good!
Oh ho ho, those disses sure got us good!
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


How high is your draft pick? I guess we'll see later
Doesn't matter, you're just gonna draft another D Waiters

I personally see a team I'd wanna leave,
But who cares if Alonzo Gee goes to South Beach?

The Bobcats ain't gonna show no mercy,
A couple years, you'll be burning Kyrie's jersey

Alright, I'm sorry guys, but you gotta listen
When is it time to get rid of Boobie Gibson?

Maybe next year you can draft the better Zeller
Cats here to put the Cavs down like Old Yeller


Our raps bring the noise like pots and pans
Dan Gilbert can't touch us with his comic sans

Still paying Luke Walton, no idea why
Watching him will make you gouge your eyes

And why haven't you given up on Omri Casspi?
It ain't 2009 and his defense is trashy

I miss Shaun Livingston but y'all can keep Donald Sloan
I've seen better shooting in Attack of the Clones

Hello Marreese Speights, goodbye Jon Leuer
Just another Cav for Byron Mullens to skewer.