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Bobcats pregame diss rap: vs Los Angeles Lakers

Chris Trotman


There's no rewind, this season's a lost cause
Bickerstaff's record makes you wish you'd pressed pause

Nike says Count on Kobe but he's no longer so adroit
Instead count on his attempts to outnumber his points

Your defense is terrible and egregiously so
But you're great at defending your own free throws

All your dirty laundry's being aired in every medium
And news of your dysfunction is becoming tedium

Disillusioned Steve Nash rides the freeway in LA
Desperate seeking beers he increasingly needs each day

And oh, Jodie, they say the Meek inherit the Earth
But you're too late: Metta's offense has already scorched it first

I know I'll get attacked 'cuz y'all have more ringzzz
But I know awfulness and y'all are - how much does that sting


Good team contest, the Lakers are in last place.
so Kobe.. tell me how my ass tastes?

Dwight Howard has less of a spine than Bynum
the Lakers coming to town, no teams pay 'em mind, son

Going home after games bumping Drake's "shot for me"
Too bad you traded the pick, or it'd be in the lottery

the Lakers would be decent if we got rid of the 3 point arc
the only player on your team that's decent is Earl Clark

"How to Build a Team With No Bench", what the Lakers demonstrated
no team is as hated, remember the cover of Sports Illustrated

Chris Duhon must be playing the game faded
or full on drunk, I'm impressed, I guess he's underrated

and Steve Blake couldn't defend a baby if he tried
somehow when Jordan Hill went down, the Lakers' hopes died.


Beating you will be cake, maybe vanilla and snow white
And let me tell you, I've never Metta Peace I don't like

I feel so bad for you I'm about to pour some liquor
Because you couldn't beat the magic...and you have a former wizard

You are not good, you suck, and for God's sake
The reason you aren't winning? You have the wrong Blake

You see me coming at you, yeah, we won't hold back
Cuz despite sitting courtside for years, y'all don't know Jack

Kobe's got all these rappers pissed, they say he's ruined the game
'Cause Kobe's got more ice on his knees than rappers do in their chains

Your players might have to find day jobs to bullseye their plans
16-time champs working full-time at Champs

Your luck's run out, make a wish and leave a will
But your wish won't come true 'cause your Jeanie's with Phil.

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