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Bobcats pregame diss rap vs Utah Jazz

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE


Think you can rap with us but don't be so foolish
Turn white and float away like you're ghoulish

But it's Utah, ya biter, you can't be any whiter
Cower from your smiter, Hendo will smash ya, our Large Hadron collider

Like Sun Ra, you bring ugliness off kilter
This is our Bitches Brew and we have no filter

Earl Watson vs Kemba - fear us, can't smear us
You've got Miles to go to be anywhere near us

Point guard so weak, but you should've signed Rafer
Rubbing you raw and we're the chafer,
There's no escape, nothing unsafer.
So do me a Favor and savor the flavor
this is it -- cherish the raver,
The Bobcats are here to take you out of your screen saver.


the Jazz game is on, to view, who would choose it?
they moved from Nawlins to Utah, where they don't allow music.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is playing defense that'll be pesterin'
your best men, as effortless as the career of Al Jefferson

you're boned without Jerry Sloan, you're mediocre as all hell
can't win games giving minutes to Marvin Williams and Raja Bell

watching the Jazz play basketball deprives me of any joy
I guess it's that I have to watch Mo Williams and Randy Foye

You say the Jazz are gonna win? nah man, kill that.
the chances of that are as underwhelming as Paul Millsap