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Depleted Jazz to start Enes Kanter, ready for unconventional vs Bobcats

With injuries forcing their hand, Utah might have to play with their lineups to find something that works against the Bobcats


With Utah's starting frontcourt nursing sprained ankles, it seems the Jazz are looking wherever they can to find help down low.

Even if it means giving 6'8" forward Gordon Hayward minutes at center, apparently.

Though Al Jefferson has been noted as 'doubtful' tonight, it looks like that's just a formality, as Bill Oram of The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Enes Kanter says he will start against the Bobcats at center.

Kanter usually sees limited minutes from behind Jefferson but tonight will be his second career start, if what he says is true. Although he's no post magician like Jefferson, Kanter could have a nice game against Charlotte's frontcourt. He's very strong, tall, has decent range on his jumper and is an excellent rebounder. It will be interesting to see how this translates from the reserve role to the starter.

Meanwhile, with Kanter moving into the starting lineup, the Jazz need another guy to help in the paint unless they want to play a rotation of three players to do the work of four, and that's assuming Millsap plays. If he doesn't, the Jazz could move Derrick Favors into the starting position, bringing Jeremy Evans as the first big guy off the bench. Or they can swing Marvin Williams to the power forward and start Gordon Hayward at small forward with Randy Foye at shooting guard. It's not like you need the most talented frontcourt to match up defensively with these Bobcats.

As neat as it would be to see Hayward play center, I think I'll believe it when I see it. He hasn't even played any significant time at power forward in his career.