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Bobcats pregame diss rap vs Boston Celtics

Jeff Gross


We murked ya last time, in rhyme and on the floor
Get ready to act confused when you see the score on the board

But it's no error so don't rub your eyes, just succumb
Better be liquored up with manufactured rage like Tommy Heinsohn

By the way, sweet job snagging DJ White
When you can add a dude from last year's Cats, you gotta, right?

Straight to voicemail, I'm tired of these offensive screens
Jeez, KG - who pissed in your baked beans?

Give it up, you're a chicken running around with no head
And there's no saving you this time, Boston - James Brown's dead


The celtics gonna beat the cats? You have a better chance of doing drugs with Jesus
Especially with the yo-yo dribbling and pull up 35 footers from Steezus

Dude couldn't even break the rotation for Washington
Paul Pierce looks like a bug, and Charlotte will be squashing him

Sick of hearing about Avery Bradley and what a valuable piece he is
The fact of the matter is Kevin Garnett looks like Prometheus

And why in the world would you give a roster spot to Shavlik Randolph?
He couldn't even make the Wizards, he's the opposite of Gandalf

I already told you.. The Boston Celtics: the Charlotte Bobcats are gonna kill em
playoff seed is gonna be higher than the number of teams who've traded Terrence Williams