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Bobcats pregame diss rap vs Toronto Raptors



I can do this all day, your moves are just Rudy Gay
Failed Iso attempts, clearly a rude display

Terrible basketball, chucked shots, thrown hands
Missed mid range bricks from DeMar DeRozan

Dare to dream to win, and I ain't talking Yanni
Horrible shots once again, first pick Bargnani

So sorry for the lottery win that time,
Lowry is just launching up, no room for dimes

Better just throwing out a defense full of five mannequins
At least they'll make better decisions than Alan Anderson


Our beer is cheaper, athletes keener and our rappers are meaner
With Drake and Bieber as your leaders, you crumple before our American demeanor

The NBA's second to hockey here cuz the Raps disgust em
for decades good play's been stuck in customs

You can call DeRozan the defensive Tim Horton's
Another play, another opening he'll escort them

Your wings are mediocre, nothing but overpaid losers
There's a million reasons you couldn't trade Bargs for Carlos Boozer

We even owned y'all last year, and this year it's even more
And I'm not sure which is worse for you - the Raps or Rob Ford