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Report: Brian Shaw turned down Bobcats' coaching job because he wanted "to have a chance"

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A report by Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie says that Brian Shaw didn't want the Bobcats' coaching job.

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Here's a statement from this article on Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie blog, on why Brian Shaw didn't want to join the Bobcats:

"I want to be in a situation where I have a chance," Shaw said. "Usually when you come into your first head coaching job, you don't get to dictate what the situation is going to be. But you want a chance and an organization that has a game plan going forward that's sustainable and where you have some pieces of value where you can put things together and get on the fast track."

Basically, what he said was that he didn't want to be a part of the Bobcats because they didn't have a chance to win anything. While that may be true now, part of coming in as a coach is taking on new responsibilities.

The sad thing is, it's not like Brian Shaw took a pay/career hit from this either. He's still an assistant on the Indiana Pacers, who are having a great season.

Also in the article, Shaw talks about how he will have an opportunity to become the head coach of the Lakers because he's "perceived as a triangle guy", so he is looking for other head coaching opportunities in the near future.

During the coaching search last summer, the Bobcats had narrowed down their search to Jerry Sloan, Shaw and Quin Snyder before ultimately deciding upon Mike Dunlap. Then West removed himself from consideration and now it has been revealed that Shaw also took himself out of the running. It seemed like the Bobcats originally scrapped their plans with much more experience coaches to go with Dunlap. However now it seems their two favorite coaches withdrew their names and with only Snyder remaining, they decided to bring back a prospect that intrigued them.

This outcome looked like a misalignment of futures, really. Sloan and Shaw clearly didn't want to have to deal with much waiting around to develop a very young team. I can't blame them. The team as it is now and as it was last summer is not for the coaches who want to have a chance at competing at a high level sooner rather than later. This Bobcats team is not built for that. It's built for the coaches who want to help develop young players. It's a risk. For those willing to take the chance, it's an interesting gig. For those who can get a job somewhere else, it might be worth waiting for another opening to appear.

The other part of his statement is also fairly revealing. Shaw feels that the Bobcats don't have a sustainable plan and lack pieces worth much value. At this time, I can't help but agree with him. There isn't a whole lot of talent right now. However, with time, there certainly could be.

But Brian Shaw wasn't going to wait around for it.