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Charlotte Bobcats defeat Washington Wizards in a thriller, 119-114

In a very high scoring game, the Bobcats managed to pull out a victory at home in what was one of their most exciting games of the year.

Streeter Lecka

The Bobcats win! The Bobcats win! What a game! What a thrill! What a ... surprise?

The Bobcats are now 3-1 against the Wizards this season and it's nice to know that they can beat at least SOME of the bad teams out there. However, just because it wasn't a total surprise that the Cats beat the Wizards does not demean this win in anyway. Unlike other losses, this one felt different. It felt like the Bobcats actually had a game plan or an idea of what they were doing. Not an identity, but at least a play style.

The Bobcats have been notorious all season for not passing the ball enough and as of late that appears to be making a change for the better. The Bobcats were moving the ball all over the place tonight. Guys were cutting off the ball, the extra pass was being made, everybody on the team seemed to understand that they had to keep the ball moving. The Bobcats only average 19 assists per 48 minutes. Tonight they finished with 32. The Bobcats got those assists passing the ball and creating shots - specifically, creating shots for Gerald Henderson.

Gerald Henderson went off tonight: 27 points. 8-for-16 shooting, a key three-pointer at the end of the game and 10 free throws. The guy couldn't be stopped.

Kemba Walker had a pretty great game, himself, shooting 8-for-14 and getting 18 points. Walker also had 7 assists and was visibly noticeable on defense. It was a solid game from the young point guard.

A move I've very much liked is Dunlap's decision to start Josh McRoberts and have Byron Mullens come off the bench. The team has played better with Mullens coming off the bench and it appears to have contained a lot of Mullens' high volume shooting he's known for.

Something I can't go through this recap without a quick mention was the refereeing tonight. It was questionable at best. There were a lot of situations where a call probably should have been made. This happened on both sides and appeared to even itself out. Basketball is a very difficult game, and in my opinion, the hardest of all sports in the case of refereeing. However, when Ben Gordon slams the ball and it goes in the air, that's a tech and should be called. That pretty much highlights the questionable refereeing that took place tonight. But enough about that.

Josh McRoberts!? 5-for-11!? This guy is not a great basketball player, but he has been incredibly solid and helpful for the Bobcats. His passing has been fantastic and he's been able to contribute to the team in multiple ways.

Tonight was a great night for the Bobcats. They looked like they had a real offense. The defense was actually not as horrible as the score indicates. There were a lot of possessions and a fast tempo, which led to the very high scoring we saw tonight. If the plan stays the course, we should be seeing a lot more games like this for the rest of the season. I think I speak for everybody when I say passing is fun so I hope we do.